I applaud the new tax plan that president Trump recently signed into law. It has greatly reduced the cost of doing business in America and will stimulate our economy.

The January 2012 Key Stone Pipeline deal with Canada which has laid dormant under the Obama administration, has been resurrected by President Trump and is expected to create more than 200,000 good paying jobs for Americans and drastically decrease the price of gas for the U.S. consumer in the future.

We must promote economic investment and growth by encouraging and supporting small business operators.

To balance the budget, we must eliminate duplicate government services and departments.

We must reassess our trade policies with foreign countries and level the playing field for our export manufacturers.

I support all sensible plans to protect our environment. Nuclear Power is the least polluting to the environment of all the energy sources to date. I am in favor of the immediate funding and development of nuclear power plants in the U.S. This will create thousands of jobs and stimulate the U.S. Economy. If we are to embrace wind power and solar power and spend billions in these industries, at least 75% of material and parts for such plants should be manufactured in the USA.

As responsible citizens we all favor responsible use of the many abundant energy resources America has been blessed with. We must drill for oil here in the U.S. – and drill now – to become self-reliant on our own natural resources and independent from foreign oil.

WE THE PEOPLE did not vote to give Congress permission to use tax dollars, pillaged from the middle class, to bail out European countries whose citizens retire at a much younger age than Americans (and get on the average of 6.5 weeks of vacation a year). If elected I will abide by the U.S. Constitution, and faithfully uphold the oath I pledged to serve the American citizens.

Bureaucrats and elected officials should get out of luxury cars and drive American made Hybrid cars. There should be a limit of $100/month reimbursement on their gasoline consumption at tax payers’ expense.