I am in favor of the fair tax plan for 2 Reasons:

  1. With the Baby Boomers coming of age it won’t be for long before the tax base contributing population will be smaller than the Social Security recipients. Which means that it won’t be long before the government will double the Social Security payroll tax obligations on the working class in order to be solvent and meets Its obligations to the Social Security recipients.
  2. The Fair Tax transfers the power from Big Government back to WE The People, while keeping more of your hard earned money in your own bank account. How might you ask? I would like to quote Benjamin Franklin, “when people realize that they can vote themselves special privileges and financial advantages, that will be the end of our Republic.” Therefore, when politicians no longer exert so much control over our daily lives and when they no longer can choose winners and losers they are rendered powerless, and that puts We the People back in control of our lives and our government.