The United Nations (UN) is a dysfunctional and ineffective organization, consisting of corrupt representatives who hold very hostile views against the United States. It is unacceptable for a guest in our country to insult and/or defame our sitting President and be awarded applause and standing ovations by the  Democrats’ who then controlled the House and Senate.

The UN can move their HQ to one of the many socialist sympathizers oversees where they will blend right in.   For America to continue to be an active member of the UN we must stipulate our conditions for continuing our support of the U.N.  And I am happy to see, that our new Commander in Chief, shares my sentiments.

The cost of housing the UN headquarters in NYC, the careless disregards for our traffic laws by their agents and at times criminality (of which they are afforded immunity from prosecution) is a burden to U.S. tax payers and we must rewrite the laws and apply the same rules that already apply to U.S. citizens.

A complete review by a select Investigative Committee chaired by the U.S. should be put in place to investigate corruption and how money is handled. This is to ensure criminal activity is punished and standards of accountability are established, and a permanent oversight committee that reports to the Security Council.

We must ensure that our foreign policies are focused on improving relationships with our traditional allies and that we don’t compromise our Values for Human Rights for the greed of doing business with profitable trading countries.

We must review our foreign aid programs to assure that our hard earned tax dollars indeed benefit the indigent people of the countries we support and foster the economic, political, social, and security development of their country, not their greedy corrupt leaders who maintain Swiss bank accounts and villas in France.   I oppose the notion that one person, i.e. the Secretary of State, can unilaterally commit the US to treaties  with a foreign country.  We do not need foreign treaties to teach us how to live like benevolent Good Samaritans.

I oppose the North America Trade/Transportation Agreement that permits foreign nationals to freely roam our highways without being inspected for human and drug smuggling, or to confirm they have safe driving records.

We ought to refuse to do business with countries that violate human rights.

We must refuse to do business and give foreign aid to countries where Christians are persecuted and boycott other countries who continue to do business with them.

We must enforce U.S. treason laws in order to protect our Intelligence and lives of U.S. Agents.