As an active postpartum nurse, I experience daily the onslaught of illegal aliens, birthing their babies in our hospitals.  Many have no Social Security Number.   Many returning for their 4th and 5th cesarean section. Certainly, that is good business for hospitals; and for me as an employee.  That is job security. The high quality of care that I provide doesn’t change vis a vis a US citizen or an illegal.  I treat all my patients with respect and dignity.    But I can’t help but wonder, who is bearing this cost?  Is it the current taxpayers, or is this also heaped on the next generation of taxpayers?

I oppose current illegal immigration policies, including “Sanctuary Cities.”

I support the building of a border wall.

I believe in enforcing stiff penalties to businesses that hire illegal aliens over American workers.

I support aide and/or asylum for Christians in Egypt, Afghanistan, and of course the poor Black Christians in Darfur, who are being slaughtered by barbaric Muslims.

We wouldn’t need national immigration quotas for the sake of keeping populations numbers up if we would stopped killing our unborn children (more than 60 million since Roe v. Wade).   Nature will take care of population growth, and we most likely will have more in common with our own off spring than with imported foreigners.

Our welfare system is intended for our American citizens and legal residents and should not be abused by politicians, for the benefit of their re-election.

Illegal immigrants should not get an easy path to earn citizenship before others who applied for it the legal way and are patiently awaiting their turn.