Time Cover Enough

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Last week, anti-2nd Amendment kids from Parkland, Florida were on the cover of Time Magazine. Sporting grim faces, and issuing their collective statement, “Enough.” It was in stark contrast to their smiling faces seen in group photos taken on their way to various events over the past month, where they seemed to be almost giddy over their new found 15 minutes of fame.

What we actually have here, is a disingenuous group of teens, fronted by their disingenuous defacto teen leader, David Hogg, and being propelled by liberals who are hiding behind these children to push their unconstitutional assault against the 2ndAmendment.

The kids are nothing but willful, narcissistic shills, wallowing about in propaganda induced fame that’s as fake as the news coverage provided them by the mainstream media.

Last Saturday, those shills held an event called…

“The March For Our Lives” which drew both coverage, and heaping praise from fake news outlets who championed Hogg and his useful idiot cohorts for organizing the event.

I call BS on all of it, and here’s why…

Those kids couldn’t organize a prom without the assistance of teachers, and we’re all expected to believe they organized a nationwide event?

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