Tyshawn Lee Assinated
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IN LOVING MEMORY of Tyshawn Lee. age 9.  He was assassinated by gangsters in a Chicago alley.

The RainbowPUSH Coalition did not hold a march. The #BlackLivesMatter “movement” did not carry out a protest. The New Black Panther Party did not mobilize a group of its gun toting members. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus did not hold a sit in.

Tyshawn Lee, age 9, is THE true “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” case. His executioners blew off a thumb from his upraised hand.

“Autopsy of Tyshawn Lee’s body shows part of thumb lost trying to block gunshot.”

CNN reported.

Social justice warriors want to make sure you never forget the names that advance their agenda. They see injustice anytime a Black person is harmed: except when that person is harmed by another Black. They conveniently ignore the names, more importantly, the lives of those lost in Black on Black violence. We are determined that those lost in Black on Black violence are never forgotten. We honor the precious memory of TYSHAWN LEE.

“This is a crime that shook our city. … It was an act of barbarism, the assassination of a 9-year-old child…

said, Chicago Police Supt.Garry McCarthy

Tyshawn Lee was on his way to his grandmother’s home when his killers apprehended him on the playground. They lead him into an alley and shot him multiple times once to the head. The killers were Black. What greater injustice can their be than the loss of life at the hands of one their kin and kind? What greater injustice is there than when a child’s life is taken by those who, by virtue of their own race and ethnicity, should be the child’s natural protector and guardian?

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